Sunday, November 18, 2007

Monkey praising it's own TAIL!

Ha..ha.. I may sound like a monkey who is praising its own tail but I cant help it…Yeyeyeyey…. Happy First Anniversary to Me...hup..hup..hup..I am jumping up and down with my tail wagging!

It’s exactly a year ago I started this blog. Yes, and when I had to write my first post I struggled…. actually wrote the first post on nothing. I have written over 50 blog posts in the past one year. Hey.. hey. What an achievement for this monkey ha? Oh, you know the freedom of this praising my own self? I am over 40! I no longer have to worry about what others think.. and you know what? It’s my blog and I cant say what I want right? And if you are 20.. start early.. its not about what other’s think of you.. Its about what you think of yourself. I learnt this message very late in life.. but I am here to tell you, you don’t have to.

I want to thank you all for you support and your interest you have shown in my blog – if I didn’t think it was helping others I wouldn’t be motivated to write. I must admit I love writing. It’s the one single media where I feel I am me…. I can’t dance or sing or perform…my real thoughts come on to surface when I am writing.. I feel free when I write.

I wish my mother had an opportunity to read this. She never had. She left me a few years ago. If she did she would have being very proud if not of me but her too. It was my mother who taught me to read and write – so she deserves all the credit. As some of you know English is my second language. At age 3 I started reading books in English. I had always preferred writing and reading to talking. I was the quiet one in my family. Everybody else talked a lot – they still do. So whether I liked it or not I listened – let’s say sometimes there wasn’t a choice. I thought somebody must listen. Later it became too much, now I just pretend like listening. Ha. ha.. very bad monkey ha?

Well, if you have a passion I encourage you to take it up. I don’t write perfect – and I know this too. I am sure I make many mistakes. But I am able to make my point across and live through my passion. I hope you too will take a simple step in following your passion. You owe it to your self. What is life if we cant live out our passions? Ah, it would be so dull.

So, today do something about your passion.. think at least this way.. Niroma is writing whether she thinks she can write or not… so, why not I do something with my passion?
Now would that be enough motivation?


HR said...

Congratulations, dear Monkey

Kai said...

Well done, indeed!!! Your words have such meaning and sometimes it only takes someone to say or show somebody the way.

Anonymous said...

Wow, is all I can say.
Just something I like to leave with you
By god's design, there lies in wait for you
Important work that no one else can do
Just as the planets find their paths through space
You too must grow to fill your proper place
Have a great day,